Red Wing Safety Footwear and PPE is made with the safety of the worker as our top priority.

Learn about PPE Garment Standards:

No detail is overlooked to ensure Red Wing products are comfortable and durable. Red Wing is ISO 9001 certified, and our products are rated to meet a full array of international safety standards. But these standards are only the baseline for Red Wing. Many of our products achieve levels of performance that go above and beyond.

Testing beyond the standards

We begin with testing at our own global quality labs. Here, we assess every product line to make sure it stands up to the toughest expectations - our own. We also use independent labs to conduct further tests and verify results.

Prospective fabrics are tested over time, through multiple wash cycles to ensure they maintain flame-resistant properties under real-world conditions. Protective fabrics used in our workwear products are tested for flame-resistant properties using the PyroMan™ System. The PyroMan™ tests are performed by the Textile Protection and Comfort Center of the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. To help you make the right product choice we can provide specific PyroMan data on any of our materials.

Proven partners

We select proven partners who hold safety in the same high regard - brands such as Daletec®, Dupont®, Nomex®, Westex™ Ultrasoft®, Gore-tex®, and 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation. In the end, this focus on testing and quality provides you with the assurance that Red Wing PPE will perform when it matters most. Our long history in the oil and gas industry means that you get the support you expect, no matter where your crews are located.